The Vision Haiti Foundation

Nurture Dreams - Impact Haitian Lives

 Bridging the Gap

The Vision Haiti foundation is a US based 501c(3), non-profit organization, created to assist in re-building Haiti after the January 2010 Earthquake.  

We seek to partner with government and non governmental agencies to offer Haitians a Vocational Education structure which will produce self sustainability. VHF's mission is to build 4 campuses nationwide, each providing vocational training in a unique learning environment.  

We believe a sustainable economy emerges when a skilled labor force is created to respond and satisfy local and regional demands. This results in a socio-economically balanced society.


Milestones Achieved:

Since our founding, VHF has achieved the following milestones:

  •     Staffed the nonprofit organization    

  •     Created ½ dozen partnerships with schools on the ground in Haiti.

  •    Developed an outstanding Board of Directors and Advisors

  •    Established curriculums for Carpentry, Plumbing,  Electrical,  & Mechanical trades. 

  •   Formed the Entity “Haiti Tech, Institut de Formation Professionelle.

  •   Founded our office at #4 Route Montana, Petionville, Haiti.


Tax Deductible!

The Vision Haiti Foundation solely relies on donations from individuals, corporations, other foundations and government agencies.  You can send money by clicking the donation button on any page and using PAY PAL securely.

Please contribute today so your contribution can be put to work immediately. Our overhead is very low to ensure that the funds raised will reach their intended destination.  To volunteer your talents, give suggestions, or connect to request more info please Email us at: