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Meet the Family and Friends who began this Journey...

Lives changed forever on January 12th 2010. A killer earthquake crumbled multiple cities in Haiti.  Diaspora from around the globe reacted.  We went to help in January and returned again during May - June 2010.  "We can not turn our backs on Haiti. Our goal is to help Bridge the gap by contributing our talents to create a sustainable educational system that will improve the lives of  Haitian communities." 

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"I am proud of the resiliency of my native countrymen," says Reginald Celestin, Co-Founder and COO of The Vision Haiti Foundation. "The time has come to help steer the course and future of Haiti through education. Only a prepared and educated mind can compete in the upcoming global market”.  

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This Haitian boy tells VHF founders about his aspirations...


Radio Communications


High levels of illiteracy in Haiti require other means of communication

for the exchange of Ideas to be effective

The Vision Haiti Foundation will introduce – Radio Vision – A campus

 internet based Radio station designed to communicate with Haitians;

both in Haiti and abroad.