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Nurture Dreams - Impact Haitian Lives

VHF founders visited schools in many cities to learn of their needs.

In Haiti, 95% of all schools in the country are fee-based, even for the poorest of the poor. Education is seen by the vast majority of the population as a way out of poverty, but the cost of education combined with the economic situation in the country resulted  500,000 to one million children missing the opportunity for a scholastic education, This was so prior to the earthquake Of January, 2010.  Historically, Haitian children who were fortunate enough to attend school, have had no alternative but to return to the streets.

 At the Vision Haiti Foundation, we see and  appreciate the efforts and dedication put forth by the institutions below and many other like organizations across the country.  We are eager to assist them in Haiti's educational process. The Vision Haiti Foundation has partnered with existing schools to offer their graduating students a better future through job training. Three of our affiliates are outlined below.

-Centre d'Etudes La Trinite, Jacmel, Haiti- providing academic formation since 1997 for approximately 350 students per year. Staffed with 39 teachers. All classrooms, computer lab and all administrative buildings were destroyed by the earthquake.

-College Inter Familia, Jacmel, Haiti- Housing 470 students; 280 girls and 190 boys.  It has been reduced to a pile of rubble. After dealing with the loss of human lives (at least 20 students and teachers perished); only to have the remnants of their library and computer lab pillaged.  Courses continue to be offered under tents that keep collapsing under the heavy and continuous rains.

-Lycee Celie-Lamour, Jacmel, Haiti- Founded in 1956 and housing 230 students. It has been severely damaged and has been tagged unsafe by the local government. Thus far no help has been offered in any shape or form.




                           Help us Build Vocational Trade Schools in Haiti to provide sustainable jobs !

  • The Vision Haiti Foundation has established HAITI TECH as a Haitian for profit vocational facility  that will use a "hands on" approach to teaching. Their mission is to provide a first class trades education.
    HAITI TECH is scheduled to graduate 650 student / year in Plumbing, Electrical, Carpentry, Mechanical and Welding disciplines. Class room instruction, though significant to the learning process, will be co-joined with field experience at Village Du Soleil.
  • The need for housing in Haiti is unprecedented.  To help solve this problem, The Vision Haiti Foundation will implement a program called Village Du Soleil translated it means, Village of the Sun.